This year has been very suitable for the Crypto Currencies. All the people who have invested long back into the tokens or coins will be able to take out cash now. There are a lot of coins or tokens making their way to the top of the market now like the SteathCoin.

What is a crypto wallet?

With the increasing trend of digital currencies, the use of crypto wallets is also becoming more popular. As such,  the question what is a crypto wallet still comes up in many conversations among  new users of crypto currencies or those interested in venturing into that line  of business. They are digital wallets used to store the digital currencies before they are transferred

crypto trading

you’re anything like me, then you have a natural curiosity for all things Internet. And you might be asking yourself the same question. What is Crypto trading? Sure, there’s lots of content out there about it, and you probably heard the terms “cryptocurrency” and “bitcoin” thrown around. I have a neighbor who just got some huge special computer delivered to

mining gpu

So far mining cryptocurrency is concerned, GPU mining is far more popular than CPU mining and staking. GPU mining is a type of mining cryptocurrency through a Graphics Card or a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) fitted in the motherboard. Since GPU mining is much faster than the other two it requires extremely high standard Graphics Card.

The emergence of crypto currencies has turned the monetary system on its head. The introduction of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and lite coin has changed the way see and use money. Every bitcoin user in the world is connected and form a network and process all bitcoin transactions in a public ledger called the block chain. Some people