(TIO) is one of the best cryptocurrency platforms in the market today. Its official aim is to offer trading solutions on a plethora of financial assets across the blockchain network. 

The Advantages Of

Liquidity Pool: Users will find a gamut of transparent revenue services including transactional and margin proceeds

Blockchain Network: Blockchain offers a transparent report of each transaction within the user account. This is to ensure full transparency via the blockchain network

Frictionless Use Of Token: The system makes use of TradeToken that can help user partake and exchange in the distributed pool

Everyday Profits: The pool users will take part in everyday profits paid to the digital wallet in cryptocurrencies and fiat

Investment Banking: Support existing and new funds in listing and raising money on the platform exchange

Professional Team: Advisors and accomplished management from investment banking, fintech, trading space, and blockchain.

Who Is Behind

Jim Preissler remains the CEO of Jim is an entrepreneur with twenty plus years of global business experience. Jim also has a profound background in investment banking and private equity. The service is located in Crypto Vallet or Zug, Switzerland and was founded in 2017.

What Are The Problems The Company Want To Resolve?

The company came into existence on the platform to resolve many key issues facing the financial markets. A whole environment of record keepers, markets, advisors, and banks are extracting massive fees from both companies and investors. Even with low liquidity and high fees caused by the inefficiencies of existing trading services and lack of transparency, there is always a third-party confirmation that creates conflicts of interest. This is the major problem that was created to solve.

How Does TIO Work?

The system makes use of TradeToken. This utility token will allow frictionless payments on a plethora of assets in the course of using the exchange platform. It will also act as a platform to store and exchange values. With the TIO token, it is possible to take part in the platform shared liquidity pool. This can occur as an investor and get every day payouts to the wallet in cryptocurrency and fiat. Holders can as well make use of the TradeToken in the future to buy new IPOs and new issues on the platform exchange.


The goal of is to disintegrate the financial trading world by unleashing a blockchain-oriented service. This will enable investors to sell and buy several financial assets. The platform will always revolve make use of TIO or TradeTokens. If you want to learn more on this cryptocurrency platform, simply navigate on the review.

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