NapoleonX (NPX)

napoleonXNapoleonX’s main goal is to create crypto asset managers that solely specialize in the management and design of trading bots. The bots’ objective will be to deliver appealing performance results regularly for crypto holders, which in turn will generate some returns on their current crypto currencies.

In other words, through a platform that runs on the blockchain known as Napoleon Crypto, the firm wants to become the first ICO that offers algorithmic assent management services to various crypto investors. It will use DAFs (Decentralized Autonomous Funds) for this. DAFs are basically special form quantitative hedge funds for the blockchain technology. They are like smart contracts and can invest in various financial markets using bots to ascertain the most appealing opportunities.

How Exactly Does NaPoleonX Work?

As mentioned earlier, the NapoleonX idea is built around DAFs or decentralized autonomous funds. The funds allow investors to choose which types of trading bots they want. The company offers various trading bots depending on an investors’ desired returns and desired exposure to risk.

So generally, when you invest in the firm, you gain unlimited access the robots created by Napoleonx. In addition there is what is known as NapoleonX tokens. If you a buy a token, you are allowed to partake in selecting the trading bots and in exchange for your job, you get a percentage of the total revenue generated by the company. The revenue is known as Botons or Rental Fees. These Botons are paid by investors when they use the trading bots. As a token holder, you will get 85 percent of the Botons on the first DAFs created by the platform.

Also, note that the first DAFs opened by the company are open to external investors. The platform will continuously check the performance of the DAFs so as to regularly come up with new ideas and collect extra performance fees.

The team

Headquarted in Paris, France, NapoleonX ICO idea was developed by ex-finance executives in Tier 1 banks. These executives have over 15 years’ experience in creating and trading bots. Some of the managers include Arnud Dartois, Stephane Ifrah and Jean Charles Dudek.

The company also has a managerial team of 9 other experienced managers and 9 advisors. With a lot of proven experience in the industry, the team offers a well-balanced blend of technical, financial and mathematical ability. Chiefly, the team appears capable, relevant and solid.

NapoleonX’s social media presence

Although a strong digital and social media performance are not the only aspects that determine the success of any business, they are usually a positive indicator of the firm’s reliability and popularity. With barely a month on the market, the platform currently has the following numbers on social media:

-Facebook-10,454 followers

-Twitter- 8,283 followers

-YouTube – 513 followers

-Github 205 followers

-Medium-649 followers

-Linkedin-345 followers

Generally, as you can see, the platform’s presence online is relatively trustworthy and solid.

Website layout and quality

One of the main factors that most investors look at when looking for a place to invest in especially online, is the site layout of the company they want to invest in. Regardless of how appealing or viable you deal is, if the website is not appealing enough, most investors will walk. So it is very important for any reliable ICO to design a high quality and well laid out site so as to make a lasting and strong impression.

Having said that, NapoleonX’s site is solid and well designed. Though it was designed with a slightly subdued color, the color is elegant and features all the sections anyone would expect from an ICO site. The text is also free of any spelling and grammatical errors and the pictures are crystal clear. Generally, the site is not only appealing to the eye but is also very easy to use.

The Whitepaper

Any experienced ICO marketer will tell you that a comprehensive, informative and well laid out whitepaper is a prerequisite for any for any successful ICO. Though documentation is often ignored by many company companies, it usually leaves most of them open to negative criticism.

NapoleonX considered all these factors and that is why the platform came up with a well written Whitepaper. Though there are some minor cases of odd grammatical structures as well as unusual repetition, this doesn’t really matter a lot, as the whitepaper is well structured and informative. The value proposition is undisputable and the concepts are very clear.


NapoleonX is using the blockchain technology to revolutionize the cryptocurrency world though crypto trading robots. You can devise and apply investment strategies as well as find the right opportunities to invest in through these little known entities. Also, the value proposition of the idea will appeal not only to those who wish to try this idea while making money, but also those with a mathematical and financial mind.

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