LydianCoin (LDN)

lydiancoinThe initial coin offerings (ICOs) market is exploding as new startups turn to crowdfunding to raise capital. However, there is a huge challenge in this majorly unregulated market; how to tell the difference between scam copycats and legitimate companies. Some regulators are banning ICOs, largely due to their means of raising money.
Lydian has moved fast to curb this issue that is plaguing the relatively new crypto industry. The company is not just after fraudsters but anyone looking to use unsavory practices to get their way to the ICO with half-cooked campaigns and abusive marketing.

Lydian market research reveals that an average ICO spends about $100,000 to $500,000 on digital marketing. But the bad news is their method of delivery is poorly executed and archaic. To make things more complicated, these companies must continue their aggressive marketing long after they have ended their token sale. The LydianCoin is trying to come up with a solution to the problem of token raises by providing powerful digital marketing services. But first, what’s Lydian?

So, what Is Lydian?

Lydian, whose official names is LydianCoin Pte. Ltd is a marketing company targeting the cryptocurrency industry. Recently, the company announced their upcoming token sale, the Lydian (LDN). LydianCoin Pte. and Lydian are subsidiaries of a marketing corporation known as Gravity4 Inc.
The Lydian token plans to be a utility token that allows token holders to buy targeted digital advertising and marketing services operated by the Gravity4 Corporate family. The end goal of Lydian is to help startup companies fully utilize digital marketing strategies.

The founders believe that ICOs should deliver a strong message not just to investors but to noninvestors as well if they want to sustain themselves in the industry. And for this, Lydian hopes to provide a solution. The company believes that ICO should put more effort into engaging and educating potential future clients. How Does Lydian Work?

Lydian system is built around the Lydian Token and hopes to provide the cryptocurrency community with versatile digital marketing services that currently power Fortune 1000 companies and other luxury brands. Consumers will access these services by using Lydian (LDN) tokens.

The Lydian ecosystem will use a decentralized crypto-based marketplace to avoid high middlemen’s cost, reduce overheads and offer even more benefits compared to existing traditional marketing platforms.

 Key features

  • The MonaBrowse: MonaBrowse is an Ad-FreeBrowser that allows Lydian users to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. Even though the MonaBrowse browser is still under development, the concept and the sneak peek has already sparked interest among potential users. The primary goal of the MonaBrowse is to allow its users to browse ad-free without using an ad blocker. As we all know ad blockers deny content creators a chance to make money with their content and this browse hope to resolve this issue.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligent is at the heart of the Lydian ecosystem. The parent company, Gravity4 has an existing AI neural net known as MonaLisa and the company plans to leverage in offering more targeted and accurate marketing products. Consumers can start using their Lydian tokens as soon as they receive it. Users can take advantage of aggregated audience data, years of market expertise, Gravity4s unique technology, and exclusive industry relationships to enhance their digital marketing efforts. MonaChain, the Lydian’s blockchain technology will be connected with MonaLisa to offer optimized ad placement services. The company hopes to reduce digital ad fraud.

The Lydian Token Sale

The company hasn’t announced the date for its token sale yet but has offered some detailed in their Lydian whitepaper. Lydian is ERC20 based Ethereum token priced at $5 USD. The company will allow Ether and Bitcoin payments. They target to raise a total capital of $100 million. Lydian plans to use part of the proceeds as reserves for future digital marketing and advertising services. 20 million out of a total of 40 million LDN tokens will be made available for purchase


Lydian technology is backed by years of research and a solid digital marketing company. The company’s tokens promise a viable business solution for vendors and customers looking for customized digital marketing solutions. Its parent company, the Gravity4, Inc., already offers marketing solutions to Fortune 1000 companies; this should give potential investors some positive indication. The Lydian ecosystem aims at reducing fraud in the digital advertising industry and make marketing and advertising more efficient.

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