Gnosis (GNOGnosis (GNO) is the next generation digital platform that is used in the prediction markets. It is built on Ethereum a block chain protocol that enables users transact globally, and is not in the risk of not operating in future due to its transparency guarantee. It is applauded for the sole purpose or role it plays in the field of prediction markets and the rewards or winnings one gets after creating an account and predicting and investing for a particular market.

winning only comes about where there has been correct or accurate predictions in either of the markets being predicted upon. These markets includes the sports betting field, weather forecasting, political analysis and forecasting and the financial markets.Currently, investors are out there investing in Gnosis (GNO) tokens which is equivalent of 250,000 Ethereum (ETH) which is now best selling.

With the starting price per GNO being 0.6 ETH, then the worth of one Gnosis token was $30 which makes many consider this coin as something that is the best option for any investor or player. For the last two years this platform has been under development, several improvements and up scaling have taken place to it. This includes integrating with other projects as Uport, MetaMask or Reality Keys of which testing has been done and their integrations have become tremendous.

The development of other products like the Gnosis Multisig Wallet,which is currently being used for other projects like Golem, Weifund and Stable has also been a great acheivement to the GNO.Prediction Markets has been seen over time to become one of the most challenging innovation to the financial markets and the data sciences due to its influence to the information revolution. Most people however, are not into the idea of prediction and making predictive decisions even where the is a lot of in information.

This has been widely blamed on the restrictions that are there in these Global financial sectors.Predictions can easily be done through the using the Gnosis platform and the help brought about by the availability of Bitcoin and Ethereum. For instance, If one would be to predict the Brexit vote using the Gnosis platform, there will be odds of both sides depending on their merits and demerits and their likelihood to win.

Then a potential investor uses the GNO tokens to place their predictions on ether the Remain side or the Exit side. Then after the voting is done and the results favor the investor, then rewards are based on accuracy. This is the next big thing in the field of predicting markets.

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