Dogecoin (DOGE)

In this age of reality where everything is turning virtual from shops to persons, the dawn of the internet really changed a lot about how the world had been over the years.

When lot have changed and went virtual, why would currency lag behind. In order to create “a peer to peer electronic cash system” Satoshi Nakamoto in a chance invented Cryptocurrency.

A type of currency which only holds its value in the internet and can be exchanged for real money or buy goods or services from the internet.

Out of few such currencies that exist, Dogecoin is one of them.Dogecoin is an internet currency represented by the famous dog breed of Japan Shiba Inu and also a very popular internet meme. out of the few currencies that exist in the world today, Dogecoin is an unique concept because it is supported and used by a community which includes people like me and you and many more. These Cryptocurrency are encrypted code which cannot be changed by anyone without fulfilling some prescribed options.

Like all other cryptocurrencies these Dogecoin are also anonymous, decentralized and extremely secure.

Dogecoins came up with a great idea having a specific community to itself where people can come and interact and spend their cryptocurrency for the goods and services.

These currency spending are done by the help of the decentralized network which do not come under any server and thus is very safe from hackers and people with ill intentions. The cryptocurrency are spent by “tipping” a fellow community member for its work published or some video published.

This Dogecoin are used to like or up vote these contents uploaded by the community members and actually making money in real life. These are like the likes on Facebook but it now contains some value with it.Dogecoin can be created by first of all creating a mobile wallet or a wallet on your smartphone.

Some free dogecoin can be by earned by spending some real money in returned. The dogecoin can also be earned from home sitting in your couch depending upon the processor your computer owns.

This activity of collecting dogecoins is called doge Mining. Doge mining can be done if you have a moderate level processor in your computer system like the AMD or the Nvidida.

One can also join crypto currency pool in order to make some real cryptocurrency from other people in return of some services.Thus having such currency which does not require banks is the best way of earning and spending it.

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