Crypto Currencies – The token or coins

This year has been very suitable for the Crypto Currencies. All the people who have invested long back into the tokens or coins will be able to take out cash now. There are a lot of coins or tokens making their way to the top of the market now like the SteathCoin.

There are a lot of coins and tokens available in the market now a days the users are confused which one to use. The tokens have increased rapidly along with the coin offering sources. Even it’s confusing which one to trust. Let’s see what the reviews are for few of the top coins.

· Ethereum– the review on Ethereum says that it is going to be the dominant public Blockchain of the future. It is one of the best now. The major pros provided by the users are that it is a great platform with good developers and community revolving it. People say that it is a true decentralized system available now.

· Factom – Factom is a rising empire and recently announced a success o $ 4.2 million series. The review says that the users believe that the factom team a potential to grow more than a list of companies today. Again few other reviews say that the prices for Factom are not so high and investing in them will give you long time assurance. They say that it is fundamentally a stronger coin that has a chance if wining side.

· Maidsafe – all together Maidsafe has a good review from the customers as they say the users can run their own vaults. The users say it has no blocks and the safecoin is one of the outstanding token in eth market today. The raise of MaidSafe is been monitored and people show a great interest in it.

· Bitcoins ­– Bitcoins is an empire showing steady growth since 2014. The reviews say that the recent hit of Bitcoin with 10k in the market have turned all heads. It was predicted in 2014c that in 3 years the Bitcoin would hit 10 k and it did. This has pulled many people towards the Bitcoins by gaining there trust. Many people believe that Bitcoin will again grow and hold lots of promises.

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